How to help

We are raising funds for three key areas

Furthering research

Investing in Plymouth’s research will help improve the diagnosis and treatment of debilitating and life threatening conditions for which there are currently no cures.

With your support we can continue to develop the expertise of the teams by continuing to attract the very best international talent, investing in PhD studentships and providing essential cutting-edge equipment.

Supporting tomorrow’s doctors and dentists

Medicine and healthcare is a dynamic environment, with breakthroughs happening every day. We need to continue to attract the brightest students and ensure they develop as outstanding doctors and dentists.

With tuition fees increasing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for prospective students to pursue their ambitions. However, with your support we can help them fulfil their ambition of being a doctor or dentist regardless of their family or school circumstances.

Enhancing communities

The Medical and Dental Schools are committed to making a difference in local communities across the South West, particularly in areas where the need is greatest.

With your help the Schools can build on their achievements and establish more projects, improving health services and providing long lasting health and well-being benefits for the people of our region. Your support will also help ensure we train doctors and dentists who understand and respect the needs of their patients.